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Store to focus on providing the community with a low cost, speedy upgrade and repair program, coupled with user education.

Mohamed Lahlou, the owner-operator of Renton Computers, is no newcomer to the computer repair business. He has over 12 years of experience in the ever-evolving and demanding computer field. In 2003, he started the A-1 Best Computer ( store in Seattle, where he quickly carved out a niche by introducing low price and innovative repairs for laptops; problems that traditionally warranted pricey replacements. LCD lamp replacements, broken power jacks and data recovery are just a few of the services that he perfected over the years. Last year, Mohamed bought and successfully overhauled West Seattle Computers - formerly Quidnunc - into a true one-stop, full-service computer repair company. After looking at several Eastside neighborhoods, Renton was chosen due to its healthy growth, strong community and friendliness to small businesses. With Renton Computers, Mohamed wants to take all of the service offerings he has perfected in his other stores, and create a truly community-focused business.

ďMy personal goal for Renton Computers is to not only make sure our customers feel comfortable when they come in but to help educate them about their computers; actually involve them in solving and trouble-shooting issues that are bound to come up. Plus, there are many features computers have that owners arenít even aware of. We help educate our customers to those features.Ē

The entire service process at Renton Computers from the initial call to the successful repair is done with the customerís needs in mind. Instead of just dropping your computer off at an impersonal repair counter, at Renton Computers you can get a one on one consultation with a certified technician who will sit down with you and carefully document your computerís symptoms and repair needs. They will even pick up and deliver your computer back to your home or office. For those looking to purchase their first computer or get a second machine for home, work or school, Renton Computers also provides low-cost, refurbished laptops and desktops pre-configured for speed and ease of use. Also, when you buy a computer they include a free half-hour of one-on-one training/familiarization instruction to empower you to take full advantage of all of the computerís capabilities.

Their process is so fine-tuned, they can often repair a computer same-day, and if your computer requires a specialty part (a rarity, but it can sometimes happen), they will provide a loaner laptop so you donít miss a single e-mail. Plus, you wonít have to call constantly for your repair status, because at Renton Computers they will keep you posted with regular status updates.


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